The CMFG Ventures Portfolio

Tomorrow’s financial products and services are being funded, supported and validated by CMFG Ventures today.
Our current portfolio includes these industry disruptors:


Affirm operates as a point-of-sales lender providing consumers access to installment loans for purchase.


B2B2C white-labeled credit reporting, tracking, monitoring and score simulation platform. Array provides a “life lock in a box” service with the ability to deploy credit data, identity security and an offers engine integrated into all three bureaus.


For credit unions and banks looking for enterprise class corporate analytics dashboards in a cost effective cloud-based subscription model, BankBI offers out-of-the-box financial, loan and deposit performance analysis in a pre-configured framework.


Caribou is an auto fintech platform dedicated to transforming consumers' financial relationship with their cars. Caribou saves customers an average of over $100 a month on consumers car payments and offer money saving insurance products with a seamless and transparent process.


CarSaver is an online auto buying platform where users can shop for new or used cars, compare prices online, and get financing offers and insurance quotes.


Clerkie offers an AI financial platform providing expert financial advice with 1-click debt automation and optimization to help consumers solve their financial problems.


Car buying, auto lending and member recapture programs are made easier in an end-to-end all-digital experience.


This hub—the only open development platform designed specifically for credit unions—connects credit unions and FinTech developers and makes it easier to create and launch the products and services consumers need.


Coverance Insurance Solutions is a nationally licensed insurance agency focused on meeting the needs of seniors in the rapidly growing Medicare insurance marketplace.


Current is a financial platform serving the pre-banked and underserved.


Eltropy enables financial institutions to digitally engage in a secure and compliant way using a world-class digital communications platform.


Ethos is a technology company that makes it easy for everyone to protect their families online with insurance.


Goalsetter is a family banking platform providing solutions for all ages including savings, teen debit cards, investing, financial literacy and family engagement.

Happy Money

What’s really behind consumers’ financial choices? These tools combine psychological and financial data to help consumers manage their finances—and lead happier lives.


Matic integrates insurance within the home and auto ownership experience. Their digital insurance marketplace of 45 A-rated home and auto carriers embeds directly with mortgage servicers, lenders, banks, and credit unions to help customers find the best policy.


Momnt powers modern lending solutions for businesses to provide low-friction, affordable financing to customers at the point of need.


Petal offers technology enabled credit cards through cash flow underwriting to help build credit.


Posh was founded in 2018 by Karan Kashyap and Matt McEachern out of MIT with the vision to empower community financial institutions through intuitive, conversational AI. The proprietary conversational AI fosters an enjoyable and efficient banking experience for users.


RenoFi is a lending platform underwriting loans using the post-renovation appraisal value, increasing borrowing power by 7x on average.


These web- and mobile-ready tools benefit the consumer and the financial institution too. Consumers get a fast, easy-to-use mortgage process; the lender gets tools that improve conversions, cut origination costs and easily integrate with their other mortgage resources.


One of the best ways to attack payment card fraud? Stop it faster. This tool taps into machine learning and data analytics to uncover data breaches at the point of origin, then uses real-time decisioning to turn down transactions that are likely to be fraudulent.


These interactive modeling tools give consumers the help they need to navigate life’s big financial decisions, including home buying, retirement, insurance, taxes, investments and more.

Splash Financial

Splash Financial provides hardworking graduates with more financial freedom by using a proprietary real-time loan decisioning engine to identify the best rates for student loans.


At Steady, we advocate for the millions of people who are changing the way America works. That’s why we’ve created a platform that helps our community to find jobs, increase their income and plan for financially stable futures.


Tally helps save consumers millions of dollars on credit card interest and late fees.

Union Credit

Union Credit is the first of its kind to bring a true marketplace of credit unions to the front of the purchasing and financing lifecycle while maintaining and promoting the credit union's brand and services.


Student loans are a huge source of employee stress. Employers can attract and retain great employees with this debt elimination program.

Zest AI

Zest AI is an AI-automated underwriting company on a mission to make fair and transparent credit accessible for everyone.

The Discovery Fund Portfolio

CMFG Ventures is committed to leveling the fintech playing field by making financial resources accessible to underrepresented founders of early start-ups.


Ascent is an underwriting, diligence, and monitoring layer that provides financial institutions with deep insight into a customer's financial background.


Caribou is a healthcare cost prediction and optimization software for the finance industry.


Climb is a student lending and payments platform intended to make career education more affordable and accessible.


CNote’s mission is to close the wealth gap by drastically increasing the capital flows into communities across America. This is done by partnering with leading community lenders that deliver on the promise of a more inclusive economy.


Conductiv offers data-driven lending guidance to reach new customers and members, maximize revenue, and minimize risk.


Cushion is reimagining the way consumers manage, pay and finance their bills — all while helping them avoid bank fees and build credit.


Daylight is the first LGBTQ+ digital banking platform in the United States. Daylight helps you design and meet your financial goals today — and tomorrow.


Frich makes money social. Frich helps Gen Z develop better financial habits leveraging the power of community and benchmarking.

Hello Divorce

Divorce online for a fraction of the cost and in 1/3 of the time, with all the expert financial and legal help you need.

Home Lending Pal

Home Lending Pal is an AI-Powered mortgage advisor and blockchain-based marketplace built to address the needs of first-time buyers.


Line is building an inclusive modern financial network that allows individuals to establish trust and credit-worthiness without the need for credit history, credit score or payslips.


Listo is an AI Fintech platform that partners with credit unions, banks and insurance carriers to provide more inclusive access to affordable financial services for the Latinx and marginalized communities.


Pulsate is a marketing communications platform enabling financial institutions to send personalized messages to members driving engagement, sales and loyalty.


Stackwell is a mobile application that delivers automated tools and education to help Black Americans stack and build wealth.

Sunny Day Fund

Sunny Day Fund is an employee benefits program focused on building liquid savings via payroll deductions and employer contributions.

The Beans

The beans simplifies the path to financial balance through evidence-based design and cutting edge technology, so consumers stress less about money and focus on what they love.


With a mission to drive financial inclusion, Zirtue is a relationship-based lending and alternative bill pay application that simplifies loans between friends and family with automatic monthly loan payments.

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