The CMFG Ventures Portfolio

Tomorrow’s financial products and services are being funded, supported and validated by CMFG Ventures today.
Our current portfolio includes these industry disruptors:


For credit unions and banks looking for enterprise class corporate analytics dashboards in a cost effective cloud-based subscription model, BankBI offers out-of-the-box financial, loan and deposit performance analysis in a pre-configured framework.

This hub—the only open development platform designed specifically for credit unions—connects credit unions and FinTech developers and makes it easier to create and launch the products and services consumers need.

Consumers demand speed and customization. This data tool makes it easy for financial institutions to offer one-click, personalized online and mobile lending—a critical differentiator given the crowded field for fast loan approvals.


Current is a financial platform serving the pre-banked and underserved.
FiscalHive, Inc.

Now financial institutions can harness the power of AI to automate the lending process and improve loan speed, security and transparency.

Cars are expensive! This product brings critical trust, transparency and convenience to the repair process. It also lets financial institutions provide affordable vehicle protection after a loan warranty period ends—which is especially important as U.S. consumers keep their cars longer.


Gabi’s proprietary quoting flow allows consumers to connect an existing auto or home insurance policy and digitally compares the policies to find the best price and coverage in less than two minutes.
Happy Money

What’s really behind consumers’ financial choices? These tools combine psychological and financial data to help consumers manage their finances—and lead happier lives.

Overwhelmed consumers often put off critical life insurance purchases. Now they can buy affordable life insurance in minutes—no health exams needed—right from their phone or laptop.


These web- and mobile-ready tools benefit the consumer and the financial institution too. Consumers get a fast, easy-to-use mortgage process; the lender gets tools that improve conversions, cut origination costs and easily integrate with their other mortgage resources.

MotoRefi offers consumers a simple way to refinance auto loans through a secure digital platform with integrated technology to pay off the old lender and re-title the vehicle.

One of the best ways to attack payment card fraud? Stop it faster. This tool taps into machine learning and data analytics to uncover data breaches at the point of origin, then uses real-time decisioning to turn down transactions that are likely to be fraudulent.

These interactive modeling tools give consumers the help they need to navigate life’s big financial decisions, including home buying, retirement, insurance, taxes, investments and more.
Splash Financial

Splash Financial provides hardworking graduates with more financial freedom by using a proprietary real-time loan decisioning engine to identify the best rates for student loans.

At Steady, we advocate for the millions of people who are changing the way America works. That’s why we’ve created a platform that helps our community to find jobs, increase their income and plan for financially stable futures.

Student loans are a huge source of employee stress. Employers can attract and retain great employees with this debt elimination program.

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