FinTech Catalyst Program

Real-world product testing is a part of the CMFG Venture process. All CMFG Venture testing is done by Filene Research Institute—a nationally recognized research leader with a proven testing methodology. Will your product or service deliver as promised? Here’s how we find out.

Select partners go through a rigorous testing process to determine the following:

  • Desirability
  • Viability
  • Scalability

A proven testing methodology

Filene has a long and successful track record of innovation testing in the marketplace. Filene has played a key role over the last 5 years in the creation, launch, and testing of more than 15 products and service innovations in over 100 credit unions across the US and Canada.

The Filene process

  • Validates
  • Tests
  • Iterates
  • Speeds time to market

Product testing structure

For each product, the Filene team:

  • Creates a unique hypothesis to test
  • Supports a roughly six-month testing process
  • Tests each product at 5-12 credit unions (of varying asset sizes, locations and consumer demographics)
  • Offers ongoing support to participating institutions throughout the testing period
  • Gathers participant insights and research data and compiles a testing summary that includes next step and launch recommendations for viable products.
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